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    MiFi is a simple project that helps build a very large wireless network. Through learning and expanding, I will be able to provide a valuable research information in the future from my findings. This network will support the Internet, and well as media. With the free Internet, and other great features that are included with my research, there is some short comings of wireless Internet you should know wbaout (facts):

    While wireless offers freedom, with connect anywhere, anytime, is very handy. However you should know wireless is no replacement for a wired connection. Even if the backend (the service) can handle up to 54 mb/s this is usally limited in some way or anther due to things like cordless phones, microwaves, etc. Second thing to know about wireless, when you use a repeater (router that is acting as client at the same time) the speed, when connected wirelessly to, is cut in half.

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