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    Hello, and thank you for checking us out! My Wireless Internet, or MiFi (Pn. "My Fy"), is the next great thing since the Internet. Idea is simple, Internet access is free, hardware used to connect is your laptop, Apple iPod/iPhone, PS3 and other handheld WiFi enabled devices. In some cases you may need a wireless router that can repeat or help boost the signal bought from me or Radio Labs, Inc. The reason, the signal outside isn't strong enough (in some cases) to make it into your home (or in same cases it does), but when you can't, this takes care of that problem. The key here is research for myself in exchange for not having to pay for Internet access. This idea was modeled after the free Internet project the city of Langford has created. To get started, check and see if MiFi is in your neighborhood by clicking on services. MiFi also has wired connection options with speeds up to 20 MB/S while wireles is around 6 MB/S. Oh, by the way, I'm here to help ;)


    Monday, February 7, 2011
    I am expanding to the next two levels of Goldstream Mobile Home Park. This should allow me access to the community below (towards Humpback Rd.) for future expansion of the network. I am currently looking for site locations for towers in these area's. These towers are not that big. They are flag pole in shape and stand about 40 - 50 from mounting point. The system draws less then a $1/month in hydro. You don't pay for any hardware installed. Click here if you can help.

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